Lunar Pack Series

A series of books revolving around one pack of werewolves, the Lunar Pack. An all-gay, ménage pack.

Book 1-3 follows Roy as he goes from meeting Clyde and Sam, the Alpha and his mate, as a human until he finally completes his transformation as a wolf. (The #Extra story follows the 3rd book and is set a few months later)

Book 4-6 follows Jasper, an abandoned and stray werewolf, as he meets the Lunar Pack and gains confidence that loving Felix and Milo might not be a bad thing after all.

This series is 18+ because of the very sexy scenes in them.

Books in this series:

1. Party at the Lunar Pack
2. Mated by the Lunar Pack
3. Shifted at the Lunar Pack
Extra. Valentine at the Lunar Pack
4. Found by the Lunar Pack
5. Healed by the Lunar Pack (To Come!)
6. Home at the Lunar Pack (To Come!)


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