Mated to the Alpha Series

There are normal random life events, like falling in love with a stranger, and then there is “having your first gay experience with with an (admittedly very sexy) Alpha werewolf and ending up pregnant” kind of random.

Ethan, one of the humans hired to entertain the werewolves at the Mating Ball, goes into the event with only one expectation: getting paid for having fun. The prospect of maybe meeting an Alpha female is only a bonus.

Max, a successful Alpha, has been getting pressure from all sides to settle down and prove his Alpha genes. Two problems: he doesn’t believe that the Mating Ball works and he is only interested in men.

Once there, he meets Ethan, who catches his attention immediately, but the man insists that he isn’t gay, or interested in Max.
As the ball comes to an end, the two men can no longer deny their attraction and take off together. Only to wake up to a very special surprise.

This story contains male pregnancy (Mpreg).

Eight part finished series with two box sets.

  1. Omega’s Fate
  2. Omega’s Home
  3. Omega’s Pack
  4. Omega’s Bond
  5. Omega’s Love
  6. Omega’s Wedding
  7. Omega’s Baby
  8. Omega’s Future


Half-series volume:

  1. Mated to the Alpha Volume 1 [episode 1-4]
  2. Mated to the Alpha Volume 2 [episode 5-8]

Box set full series: Mated to the Alpha [Full Collection] (also in print!)


Series pages stores:

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