Feathers and Microphones Series

Florian, a fallen angel, on the verge of losing his powers and turning human, meets Seth, an up and coming rock star with a demonic secret, on the roof of a gay bar. They only decide on one night of strictly no-strings-attached fun. It seems like a great idea, until the next morning, when they realise their lives are more intertwined than they expected.

But the music industry isn’t kind on rock stars with a preference for men. And how can an angel protect someone, when fulfilling his duty might mean killing another person?

Follow these two sexy and broken men as they try to overcome their problems, together.

This series is 18+ because of the very sexy scenes in them.

Books in this series:

Branded (Feathers and Microphones 1)
Stage (Feathers and Microphones 2)
Fear (Feathers and Microphones 3)
Lost (Feathers and Microphones 4)
Winged (Feathers and Microphones 5)


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