Omegas’ Destined Alpha Series

Two Omegas. One kiss. And an Alpha who wasn’t supposed to see it happen…

I’m supposed to be an author, but I haven’t finished a book in years. Not since things got out of control. So, to hopefully get back on my feet, I move to a new city, start teaching at college and suddenly find myself intrigued by two Omegas that pass me by every morning.
One day, on a whim, I follow them and see something I shouldn’t have seen. A kiss. A beautiful kiss. And it stirs something inside me…

I fled from the arranged marriage my parents set up for me and I was ready to give up on love entirely, and then my best friend saved his younger Omega brother, Wes, from a bad situation and suddenly I was falling, head over heels. It’s amazing to be at Wes’ side and to see him flourish, even if our relationship is a little complicated, we’re making it work. Maybe love isn’t so bad after all.
What I hadn’t counted on was the Alpha walking into the cafe, and the way my eyes keep getting drawn to him…

After my brother saved me from my abusive ex, I’m getting my feet back under me. I’m finally doing the things I was never able to do, like having a job and going to college. It’s not easy to combine it with caring for my four children. But with my Omega boyfriend Zeke and my brother’s family at my side, we make it work, they’re all the people I’ll ever need.
Until, one morning, an Alpha walks into the cafe that I work at, and he asks Zeke and me out on a date, together…

This story contains male pregnancy (Mpreg).


  1. The Baristas’ Surprise
  2. The Alpha’s Mistake
  3. The Mates’ Choice
  4. The Family’s Threat
  5. The Lovers’ Offence
  6. The Friends’ Support
  7. The Parents’ Strength
  8. The Omegas’ Destiny


Half-series volumes:

  1. Omegas’ Destined Alpha Volume 1  [episode 1-4] (Also in print)
  2. Omegas’ Destined Alpha Volume 2 [episode 5-8] (Also in print)


Box set full series (not on Amazon and not in print!): Omegas’ Destined Alpha [Full Collection]


Box set of all three serials in this world (only available on select stores): Omegaverse Mates World


Series page stores:


Barnes & Noble



Google Play Books

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